The Create a Customization API allows you to create a customization entity, which defines a specific list of supported services and customizes the user experience within the Sunlight Connect SDK. This API empowers you to tailor the card switch process and provide a personalized experience for your users.

Upon a successful request, the API will generate a unique customization_id associated with the created customization entity. You can use this customization_id to initialize the Sunlight Connect SDK and display the customized list of services and user experience to your users.

By leveraging the Create a Customization API and incorporating the new properties, you have the flexibility to customize the language, button & text colors, and hover state within the SDK. This allows you to provide a tailored and visually cohesive experience that aligns with your branding and design preferences.

By using this API, you can create multiple customization entities to cater to different user groups or use cases, thereby enhancing the user experience and ensuring that users are presented with relevant and curated service options.