The Set Card Details API is designed to securely store card details for the duration of a session. To use this API, you must provide a valid user_external_id, access_token, pan, cvv, exp_date, and card_id. The response will return the card_id which serves as a reference to the stored card details during the card switch process.

This API is particularly useful when you wish to pass card details to our servers prior to initializing the SDK. By doing so, you can use the card_id as a reference during the switch process, and our servers will use this card_id to retrieve the card details.

The stored card details will be removed once the access token expires, either naturally or through the use of the /api/revoke_token API. As a security precaution, the card details will also be permanently removed 24 hours after they were created. This ensures that card details are not stored longer than necessary, enhancing the security of your user interactions.